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XXVII International Coastal Conference – SeaCoasts’XXVII

24-29 September 2018, Murmansk, Russia

The «Sea Coasts» Working Group of the RAS Council on World Ocean and Murmansk Arctic State University (MASU) are pleased to announce the XXVII International Coastal Conference “Arctic shores: shore-up to sustainability” to be held in Murmansk, Russia, 24-29 September 2018.

The sessions will be held in the form of plenary, sectional and poster presentations in response to the major topics of the Conference.

Major topics of the Conference:

  • Hydro-, morpho- and lithodynamics of coasts and adjacent waters considering construction and exploitation of hydraulic engineering structures activities;
  • Issues of environmental vulnerability and anthropogenic impact on coastal ecosystems and bioresources;
  • Interaction of natural (geophysical) systems in the Arctic: atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere;
  • Contemporary informational technologies in researching and developing coastal systems and Arctic territories;
  • Social and economic view on Russian and Arctic marginal seas;
  • Legal, international, historical and cultural aspects of developing coastal systems and Arctic territories.

Organizing committee :


Andrei M. Sergeev, Doctor of Philosophy, professor, MASU rector

George G. Gogoberidze, Doctor of Economics, docent, MASU leading research fellow, chairman of «Sea Coasts» Working Group


Galina V. Zhigunova, Doctor of Sociology, professor, MASU vice-rector for Science and Research

Leonid A. Zhindarev, Doctor of Geography, professor, Moscow State University leading research fellow, vice-chairman of «Sea Coasts» Working Group

Academic secretary – Ekaterina A. Rumiantceva, PhD in Mathematics, MASU senior research associate, academic secretary of «Sea Coasts» Working Group

Technical Secretary- Alla P. Klimenko, manager of MASU Research and International cooperation office

Location and dates

The conference will be held on 24-29 September 2018 in Murmansk Arctic State University – MASU, Murmansk, Russia.

Working languages of the Conference: Russian and English.


For most foreigners it is essential to obtain Russian visa. Visa letters may be prepared by the Conference Organizing Committee.

Key dates

Final date for applications for the Conference participation (registration form) – until 1st  April 2018

Paper submission  –  until 1st  June 2018

Mailout of personal invitations and information on presentations/papers being accepted –  June-July 2018

Contact persons of the Organizing committee:

Alla Klimenko, technical secretary of the Conference e-mail:


Ekaterina Rumiantceva, academic secretary of the Conference e-mail: <>

Conference Circular with information about the Conference here>> 2 Circular eng