Research Interests

Fundamental research


taxonomy (polychaeta, molluscs, crustaceans);

diversity, abundance, biomass and secondary production, trophic structure, detrital food web;

spatial and temporal distribution variability, zoogeography;

structure of communities and habitat, survival and sustainability.

Zoobenthos as indicator ecological status of coastal ecosystems under impact

climate change;


anthropogenic pollutions (oil spills, heavy metals, coastal wastewater).

Detrital complexes, sedimentation fluxes of detritus and hypoxia.

Influence of wave processes and wind currents on the spatial heterogeneity of benthic communities.

The EUNIS habitat classification, variability of benthic habitats and biodiversity.

The Environmental Quality Standards Directive (EQSD) and ecological status of coastal ecosystems.

   Environmental Quality Standards

Applied research 

Development of sections “Environmental impact assessment”, “Environmental protection”, “Natural resources damage assessment” for hydrotechnical projects:

coast-protecting structure;

dredging and dumping;

submerged pipeline (discharge), calculation of maximum permissible discharge;

quarrying of underwater sand.

Ecological monitoring of hydrotechnical works.

Sanitation conditions coastal waters, coastal discharge water and human health.


Methodological research

Spatial analysis and computer mapping of environmental indicators, benthic populations and communities.

Multivariate analysis of environmental data, of communities and ecosystems.