Alien Futures Project

  инвазия 1        The Alien Futures project is a horizon scanning activity looking to identify environmental, social or technological issues that may affect invasive species management into the next 20 to 50 years. The group of researchers of the British Ecological Society invites the experts studying alien kinds to bring the contribution to this project. The broad survey of experts will help identify key issues that they feel are likely to affect the future global and local management of biological invasions. Subsequently, the survey results will be compiled and invited people to vote for the issues of greatest concern in order to compile a short-list. The long and short lists will be presented freely available on the project webpage to facilitate their use by the community.

The survey consists of two sections. In the first section, it is necessary to assess the potential environmental, social and technological issues that can arise in the management of invasive species at the global and working levels of researches. In the second section it is necessary to inform about location, work or interest. In total, the survey consists of 15 questions with which it is possible to get acquainted and take part in the survey in Russian here or in English on the website of the project online.