Ocean Census

Figure 100000 species

The Ocean Census project as global collaborative initiative has been launched at the Royal Institute in London April 27, 2023. The Ocean Census Global Alliance was founded by the Nippon Foundation*, Japan’s largest philanthropic foundation and Nekton**, a UK-based marine science and conservation Institute. Professor Alex Rogers, the University of Oxford, is Science Director for Ocean Census project.

The goal of this project is to discover 100,000 new marine species over the next decade. The project’s headquarters is the Oxford University Museum of Natural History in the United Kingdom, which will host the first Ocean Census Biodiversity Centre. In addition, it is planned to create a network of Ocean Census Biodiversity Centres around the world where species discovered on expeditions will be sent. Scientists will be used high-resolution imaging, DNA sequencing, machine learning, and possibilities artificial intelligence in these Centres to species descriptions. Networks of taxonomists will connect virtually to annotate “Digital Life Forms” to complete species descriptions. The resulting open source research results will be added to a network of data centres globally and made freely accessible to scientists, decision makers, and the public. The Ocean Census Project will create a vast amount of public knowledge that will benefit and sustain life on Earth, humanity and our planet.

Scientific Network already established that aims to bring people together involved in taxonomy and new species discovery. More information, including information on how to subscribe, can find through this link>>

You can send a message or ask questions about the Ocean Census project via email:  <enquiries@oceancensus.org>.

*The Nippon Foundation, the largest non-profit foundation in Japan that was established in 1962 for the purpose of carrying out philanthropic activities in areas that extend from eradicating leprosy, providing free education, food security, and above all, issues that surround the marine environment and maritime safety.

**Nekton is a UK, charitable, marine research and conservation institute. Nekton’s mission is to accelerate the scientific exploration and protection of the ocean through large-scale, expeditionary programmes and targeted initiatives – that combine science, story-telling and equity.


The October 11, 2023 Ocean Census Project Newsletter has been published>>