Marine bioinvasions 2050

Морские биоинвазии 2050_1

The international researchers group, studying invasive species in marine ecosystems, invites to take part in poll for the new project “Marine bioinvasions 2050”. The purpose of the project – to analyze key factors that may affect the scale of invasion of alien species in the seas and oceans; consideration of issues that will help in the management of biological invasions at the global and local levels.

The international survey will provide the key status, trend, and geospatial data to identify the priority issues of bioinvasions in the sea in order to produce local, regional, national and global intensity maps of the pressures and risks.

Responses will be treated as anonymous, thus neither individual respondents nor institutions will be identified or named.

Deadline for receiving completed questionnaires: March 29, 2019!

Please contact Dr. Bella Galil at

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