BioEco _ 2019

International Biodiversity & Ecology Sciences Symposium 2019

September 26-28, 2019, İstanbul-Turkey

The International Biodiversity & Ecology Sciences Symposium (BioEco2019) will be held on 26-28 September 2019 in İstanbul- Turkey, with the academic contributions of İskenderun Technical University and Harran University. The conference will be attended by experts who are interested in Biodiversity & Ecology sciences from related institutes, universities, ministries and non-governmental organizations.

The conference will address issues of biodiversity and ecology across a deliberately wide range of relevant spheres and interacting topics.

Symposium Topics

Theme Section A:

Conservation of Biodiversity: Biological and Ecological Aspects in Aquatic Ecosystems

Session 1

Mediterranean Sea: Past, present and future changes of alien species

Session 2 Tell the Black Sea: from individuals to Ecosystems
Session 3 Freshwater Ecosystems
Session 4

Population status, life histories, ecology, assessment, and management of aquatic species.

Session 5

Conservation of Biological Diversity

Theme Section B

Biological and Ecological Aspects in Terrestrial Ecosystems

Session 1 Terrestrial ecology and biodiversity in a changing Eurasia
Session 2

Population status, life histories, ecology, assessment, conservation and management of terrestrial species.

Theme Section C:

Climate Change
Session 1

Global impacts of climate change on biodiversity

Session 2

Climate Change & Climate dynamics through the time scale

Theme Section D: Bioindicators and Biomonitoring
Theme Section E: Biological Diversity: its past and prospects
Theme Section F:

Bioinvasion trajectories and impacts in contrasting environments

Theme Section G:

Effects of Plastic Pollution on Environment: From macro to nano scale

Theme Section H:

Environmental Management: Renewable Sources, Recycling and Environmental Management

Theme Section I:

Other topics

Deadline for the submission of the presentation is 20 August 2019. Abstracts of accepted presentations will be published free of charge in an e-book of symposium proceedings. Registration for the symposium is obligatory. Detailed information can be obtained through the web site of the symposium – here >>

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