Symposium 2017 of the British Ecological Society

BES Symposium 2017 ang

«The Macroecology of Alien Species: Patterns, Drivers and Consequences of Global Biotic Exchange»

24-26 July, Durham, UK

The BES Symposium-2017 will explore the major patterns and drivers behind the mixing of the world’s biotas, and the consequences for conservation of biodiversity.

Breakout workshops will provide the opportunity to synthesise, and to address important questions that will provide ways forward to understanding the macroecology of alien species.

Confirmed Speakers 

Céline Bellard (Université Paris Sud, France/University College London, UK)

Tim Blackburn (University College London, UK)

Yvonne Buckley (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

Isabella Capellini (University of Hull, UK)

Robert Colautti (Queen’s University, Canada)

Alison Dunn (University of Leeds, UK)

Ellie Dyer (Zoological Society of London, UK)

Regan Early (University of Exeter, UK)

Jason Fridley (Syracuse University, USA)

Emili García-Berthou (University of Girona, Spain)

Jonathan Jeschke (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

Helen Roy (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK)

Dov Sax (Brown University, USA)

Hanno Seebens (BiK-F, Germany)

Patrick Weigelt (University of Göttingen, Germany)

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