Tendencies of invasion of alien zoobenthic species into the Black Sea

Russian Journal of Biological Invasions

Issue 1., p. 72-80.

Tendencies of invasion Fig 4

Shalovenkov N. N.

The Centre for Ecological Studies, e-mail: shaloven@rambler.ru

The invasion of zoobenthic species into the Black Sea have been analyzed and generalized according to published data for last hundred years of research. The list of alien species in which have been included 61 zoobenthic species is presented. The long-term variability of the invasions of alien zoobenthic species into the sea is analyzed. The intensification of invasion of the zoobenthic species to the Black Sea occurs during the period of climatic changes in the region. High reliable statistical relationship is revealed between the inter-ten year’ variability of the number of alien species and the deviations of the summer water temperature from the average multi-year (100 years).