3rd International Workshop

3 _ Океан Норвегия

3rd International Workshop on Trait-based approaches to Ocean Life

20-23 августа 2017, Solstrand, Bergen, Norway

The workshop ‘Trait-based approaches to Ocean Life’ has proven to be a rare and vital meeting place for different disciplines in this field. With this third meeting, organizers solidify the workshop as an essential clearinghouse for new developments in this field.

The workshop will attract young talented students and future scientists to this vibrant field, and much of funding sources will be used to support travel and accommodation for students.


  • to assess and continue the development of trait-based approaches in different fields of ecology and marine science,
  • facilitate cross-fertilization of ideas and progress between marine, terrestrial and limnology-based researchers and students,
  • use a novel, collaborative format to identify core emerging questions and issues relevant to the use of trait-based approaches,
  • to point out how these methods can be utilized to better understand marine ecosystem functioning and as a framework for marine ecosystem modeling.

Keynotes by

Zoe Finkel, Mount Allison Universit, New Brunswick, Canada,: « Macromolecular and elemental composition of microalgae».

Oswald Schmitz, Yale University, USA,: «The evolutionary ecology of ecosystem functioning: Functional traits, trophic interactions, and ecosystem nutrient cycling».

Helmut Hillebrand, The Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment of the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany,: «Trait variability and environmental heterogeneity constrain community composition and ecosystem processes».

Frede Thingstad and Selina Våge, University of Bergen, Norway: «Can we constrain the “everything” in “everything is everywhere” ?».

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For questions, contact with professor Øyvind Fiksen, University of Bergen, email: oyvind.fiksen@uib.no

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