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The Pacific Fisheries Research Center.

улов ОДУ               The Scientific Council of the TINRO proposed to deduce from the list of the objects of fishing for which is established Total Allowable Catches (TAC’s):

  1. the Alaska pollack – Theragra chalcogramma (Pallas, 1811).
  2. the Pacific cod – Gadus macrocephalus (Tilesius, 1810).
  3. the Kamchatka flounder Atheresthes evermanni (Jordan & Starks, 1904),
  4. the Arctic lamprey Lethenteron camtschaticum (Tilesius, 1811),
  5. the Humpy shrimp -Pandalus goniurus ( Stimpson, 1860).

The procedure of including and deducing in the list of objects TAC’s of a fishing is regulated by articles № 27 and 28 of the Law of Russia (the Federal Law from 20.12.2004 N 166-FL, in edition from 29.06.2015). Total allowable catches (or fishing opportunities) are catch limits fishes that are particularly valuable species or included in the Red Book of the Federation Subjects.

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