NEOBIOTA 2020 анг

11th International Conference on Biological Invasions

15-18 September, 2020, Vodice, Croatia


NEOBIOTA*  is organizing the 11th International Conference “Biological Invasions”, which will be held in Vodice, Croatia, from 15 to 18 September, 2020.

The Conference will concentrate on the most recent studies about the ecological and evolutionary characteristics of invaders and their management.

The planned 11th conference continues the Neobiota tradition and covers a wide range of topics on biological invasion, both from a fundamental as well as a more practical perspective.

Biological invasions are one of the components of global change, causing dramatic impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems.

Conference topics will be published later.


Professor Sven Jelaska, University of Zagreb

For further information or to ensure that you are on the conference email list, please contact Sven Jelaska: <>

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*NEOBIOTA is the European Group on Biological Invasions. It was founded in Berlin 1999 as a consortium of scientists and environmental managers aiming to enhance integration of invasion research and strengthen approaches to counteract negative effects of introduced organisms on biodiversity, ecosystem services and human health.