ECNC Update, Vol. 24, N 2

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Volume 24, № 2 – February 2017


How can Oppla help?

The workshop ‘Ecosystem services and EU regulatory frameworks: Experiences from real-world decision-making’ was held in Brussels on 2 February 2017. Oppla was presented at the workshop as the perfect place to look for products and examples to facilitate real-world decision-making.

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Launch of the Nature Outlook report

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency will be presented the Nature Outlook report “European nature in the Plural – Finding common ground for a next policy agenda“ on 23 March 2017 at an event in Brussels.

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Здоровые моря 2016

Healthy Seas in 2016 – more nets collected and exciting new activities

Last year’s results for Healthy Seas have been published. The 152 tons of fishnets were sent to the recycling plant in 2016.

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PISCO/UNS publication on the science of marine protected areas

The Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (PISCO, USA) and the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS, France) have produced the booklet about Marine protected areas (MPAs), with an emphasis on the Mediterranean Sea.

European Commission adopts the Environmental Implementation Review

On 6 February 2017, the Commission adopted the Environmental Implementation Review, a new tool to improve implementation of European environmental policy and commonly agreed rules.

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Round-up of news from Healthy Seas

On Wednesday 25 January, around 120 children and parents from the Annie M.G. Schmidtschool and day-care centre 2Samen participated in a Healthy Seas beach of Scheveningen clean-up.

On 4 & 5 February, Healthy Seas was an exhibitor at Duikvaker Expo at Expo Houten.

Portofino Divers produced a video about a clean-up dive in the Portofino Marine Protected Area.

Wetlands Youth Photo Contest

Young people from around the world aged between 18 and 25 are invited to participate in the Wetlands Youth Photo Contest from 2 February to 2 March 2017.

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Monitoring in Natura 2000 sites

4–6 April 2017, Litoměřice, Czech Republic

Thе workshop, Monitoring of habitats and species, is about deciding what we want to achieve and how to recognize when we have achieved it.

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ALTER-Net Conference 2017: Nature and society: synergies, conflicts, trade-offs

2-5 May 2017, Ghent, Belgium

The conference will be a meeting place for scientists from the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, local, regional and EU level policymakers and NGOs.

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European Maritime Day 2017: The Future of our Seas

18 & 19 May 2017, Poole, UK

The two-day conference ‘The future of our seas’ will held in Poole, UK, at the heart of European Maritime Day on 18 and 19 May.

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New EEA report on climate change in Europe

A new European Environment Agency (EEA) report presents analysis of the impact of climate change on ecosystems, the economy, and human health and well-being in Europe.

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The Journal for Nature Conservation

Volume 35 – February 2017

The Journal for Nature Conservation, published by Elsevier in affiliation with ECNC, is a scientific journal focusing on methods and techniques used in nature conservation.

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