Conferences 2016 – Nature Conservation & Ecosystem Services

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European Ecosystem Services Conference 2016 –  Helping nature to help us

19-23 September 2016, Antwerp University, Belgium

The conference is organized by the research projects OPERAs, OpenNESS, and ECOPLAN and the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP).

Registration is open until 2 September (17:00 CEST). Early Bird registration closes 15 July (17:00 CEST).  Full story

The book of abstracts of the conference that includes all sessions is published. See here

23 September 2016, the Antwerp Declaration was launched at the European Ecosystem Services Conference in Antwerp which is based on the views of leading researchers, policymakers and practitioners in the field of ecosystem services. You can read the Declaration here >>


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The ACES 2016 Conference: « Linking Science, Practice, and Decision Making»

December 5-9, 2016, Jacksonville, Fl, USA

The conference is organized by the research projects:  A Community on Ecosystem Services, the Ecosystem Markets and the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP), providing an open forum to share experiences, methods, and tools for assessing and incorporating ecosystem services into public and private decisions. The focus of the conference is to link science, practice, and sustainable decision-making by bringing together the ecosystem services community from around the United States and the globe. Full story