AlienScenarios Newsletter, 5



Issue 5, May 2021


The five newsletter of the AlienScenarios project is published. The newsletter is published twice a year with information about the project development and related activities.

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Global Alien Species Narratives



Кластеры сценариев

The fifth global Alien Species Narratives have been accepted for publication in Sustainability Science. Until the final publication is released you can find an earlier version of the manuscript on bioRxiv.

You can as well watch a talk by Núria Roura-Pascual about the paper here>>

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“High and rising economic costs of biological invasions worldwide” published in Nature


Fig.1 Временные тренды

The quantification of the economic costs of biological invasions worldwide, based on the InvaCost database, has been published in Nature.

Alongside the paper on the global estimated costs of biological invasions, a number of targeted studies have been released, involving Christophe Diagne and Franck Courchamp.

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RETROSPECTIVE: InvasiBES annual meeting April 2021

Fig.2 Ежегодное совещание проекта «InvasiBES», апрель 2021

On 19-20 April, the project InvasiBES held their bi-annual online meeting with Franz Essl (AlienScenarios PI) participation.

Future collaborations between AlienScenarios and InvasiBES, especially in terms of dissemination and fostering networking among members of the two consortia, were discussed.

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Human infectious epidemics through the lens of biological invasions



Fig. 3 эпидемии среди людей через призму биологических инвазий


A new article led by Montserrat Vilà and in collaboration with Belinda Gallardo, Jonathan Jeschke and Franz Essl (InvasiBES and AlienScenarios projects) investigates the synergies between concepts in invasion science and concepts related to emerging human infectious epidemics.

The study highlights that forecasting and management tools used to address epidemics and biological invasions could potentially be applied in the respective other field. Cross-fertilization between the two disciplines to improve prediction, prevention, treatment, and mitigation of invasive species and infectious disease outbreaks should be highly beneficial to both disciplines.

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RETROSPECTIVE: Bi-annual AlienScenarios meeting April 2021

Fig.4 Совещание по проекту AlienScenarios, апрель 2021 г

The bi-annual AlienScenarios meeting took place (online) on 27.-28.05.2021. It was a very productive meeting where each partner provided updates on the status of the ongoing work that is pursued in the different workpackages, following by a day of creative and inspiring exchange of ideas on various topics.

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RETROSPECTIVE: Nature Futures Framework Workshop January 2021


Fig.5 семинар по рамочной программе Nature Futures

The workshop on modelling Nature Futures scenarios organized by the IPBES scenarios and models taskforce took place on 12.-15.01.2021. The workshop provided an introduction and overview on the Nature Futures Framework (NFF) and invited participants from the modelling community to provide feedback and suggest future applications of the framework.

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Interactions with IPBES – Invasive Alien Species Assessment




AlienScenarios has developed and established strong ties to IPBES and especially to the IPBES Invasive Alien Species Assessment. The cooperation of these two projects will ensure the accounting and mutual exchange of results in the economic impact of invasive alien species, the Alien Species Narratives, the quantification of the business-as-usual scenario or the quantification of the drivers of future biological invasions globally and on islands in the IPBES assessment.

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AlienScenarios early career researchers in the spotlight


Fig.7 Адриан Гарсиа-Родригес

Adrián García-Rodríguez

In May, He started as Postdoc in the Bioinvasions, Macroecology and Global Change group at the University of Vienna, Austria. He is a Costa Rican ecologist and herpetologist by training with a vast interest in biogeography, macroecology, biodiversity conservation, and evolution. He did his PhD in Brazil and recently finished a Postdoc in México.

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Fig.8 Эбби Гейл Джонс

Abbie Gail Jones

 After completing her BSc  Honours in 2019 in the Environmental Change & Aquatic Biomonitoring Lab at Mount Allison University in her home province of New Brunswick, Canada, She began her MSc and later transferred to a PhD in the Leung Lab & the Pollock Quantitative Biodiversity Lab at McGill University (Montréal, Québec, Canada).

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Fig.9 Карла Гарсия-Лосано

Carla García-Lozano

She is a postdoc in the Animal Biology Research Group at the Environmental Science Department of the University of Girona. She is involved in the AlienScenarios project trying to understand the management of invasive alien species at different spatial scales, knowing the opinion of different stakeholders.

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