Alien Scenarios newsletter, 3



Isssue 3, April 2020


AlienScenarios in time of COVID-19



The annual meeting originally planned for March 30-31 and the joint workshop with InvasiBES organised for April 1-3 in Girona, Spain, have been postponed until September 28 – October 2. In the meantime, an online workshop nonetheless took place on April 1-2 to foster progress on the issues.

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Contribution to the IPBES alien species assessment



AlienScenarios is making an important contribution to the new IPBES alien species assessment. From the AlienScenarios core team, Hanno Seebens, Franck Courchamp and Bernd Lenzner, are coordinating in Chapter 2 of the assessment: Status and trends [of invasive alien species].

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Participation in the Macro 2020 conference: Macroecology of the Anthropocene

Macro 2020

AlienScenarios was well represented at the Macro 2020 conference in the beautiful city of Konstanz, organised by AlienScenarios advisory board member Mark van Kleunen.

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InvaCOST workshop


The InvaCOST workshop, organised by WP 3 team leader Franck Courchamp, was a great success. Fourty-seven participants representing 27 countries gathered in Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, on the outskirts of Paris, on November 12-15 2019.

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Joint AlienScenarios & InvasiBES workshop on management scenarios


The joint physical workshop with InvasiBES organised for April 1-3 in Girona, Spain, has been postponed to September 30 – October 2. However, the workshop was organized as an online meeting on April 1-2. The workshop had about 30 participants, members of both the AlienScenarios and InvasiBES projects, but also relevant stakeholders on the management of biological invasions across Europe.

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New article: Essl et al. (2019) A conceptual framework for range-expanding species that track human-induced environmental change. BioScience, 69(11), 908-919

Franz Essl and colleagues present a conceptual framework to elucidate the features of the rapid increase in the number of species whose range dynamics are human induced.

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Статья в BioScience


AlienScenarios early career researchers in the spotlight

Two early career researchers who are part of the AlienScenarios team will highlight in each issue of the Newsletter. In this third issue, meet Christophe and Chunlong!


Christophe Diagne

 Christophe Diagne


Chunlong Liu

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