Alien Scenarios newsletter, 2




Issue 2, November 2019


New article (and blog post):

 Lenzner et al. (2019) A Framework for Global Twenty-First Century Scenarios and Models of Biological Invasions, BioScience, 69(9):697-710

Bernd Lenzner and colleagues present a conceptual framework for developing scenarios of alien species spread and impact for the twenty-first century and how to identify relevant steps and challenges along the way.


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Contribution to the upcoming 2020 edition of the WWF’s Living Planet Report


AlienScenarios will contribute to a chapter of the upcoming 2020 Living Planet Report called ‘Imagining the future’, which will feature the role of models and scenarios and is led by IIASA.

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Collaboration with the InvasiBES project

The project participants develop a formal collaboration with InvasiBES, another project funded by the joint Belmont Forum.


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The AlienScenarios toolbox of drivers of biological invasions

poster AlienScenarios

A toolbox listing the main global drivers of biological invasions and related open-source datasets is being constructed, which will underpin all scenarios designed in AlienScenarios.

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InvaCOST workshop

Franck Courchamp, the leader of the Work Package 3 of AlienScenarios, was organising a workshop on the economic cost of biological invasions, to make the best use of InvaCost, the first global, comprehensive database on published economic costs of biological invasions.

Семинар InvaCOST

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Alien Scenarios early career researchers in the spotlight

 Two early career researchers part of the AlienScenarios team will highlight in each issue of the Newsletter,. For this second issue, meet Marina and Guillaume!

Marina Golivets

Marina Golivets

Guillaume Latombe

Guillaume Latombe

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